Saturday, July 6, 2013

5 Amazing Free Small Biz Resources on The Web

Any experienced business owner will tell you that successfully running a business takes not only a lot of time, skill, and effort, but a lot of resources as well.

Do a quick search online, and you'll typically find a ton of resources specifically for smaller businesses, and many of them are for free. But, as you go about growing and developing your business, you may not have the time to sift out the good resources for the bad ones. This site will help you get there.

To start you off, here is a collection of great, free resources for small and home-based business owners:

  1. The IRS Small Business Tax Center- an assortment of guides and tutorials to teach you all you need to know about business taxes
  2. Free Forms for Micro Business Owners- a collection of free business templates for self-employed professionals
  3. SCORE- Get a free business consultant
  4. My Own Business- a 16-part free online course on starting and growing a new business.
  5. SBA Learning Center- A collection of free online courses and training for small business owners

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